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This installation was inspired by deep seated memories of bodies in space. Both in terms of our body interacting with the external architecture around it. But also, and perhaps more importantly, in terms of our body interacting with its own internal cellular architecture.  


At first glance Interstitial Spaces can be misinterpreted as a ruin, where decay reins. Yet if you look more closely, each component marks a moment of construction. Where the uncanny wavering of the concrete creates questions of utility and time. Where everything is not wholly functional but not wholly useless. Where wooden boxes signify blocks yet to be made, and the final undulating concrete form act as a facsimile of ‘a becoming’.  


Each ceramic placed within the concrete structure signify a personal moment of bodily failure and pain. I am so curious how these small visceral interjections interact with the space around? Is it a little bit playful and funny? Like the stitch in your side when your rib is out of place? Or is it grotesque? Like the strange knot in your neck that cracks it’s way throughout your day? Or does it come as a beautiful surprise? Kind of like the portal that allows you in look deep inside and shift your perspective in a way that you never quite expected?  


Perhaps I’m telling you too much, but inside an uncanny installation layered with abstraction and metaphor, it seems only fair to give you a thread to pull. Make of it what you will, but allow it to pull you in. Allow it to make you feel your insides if just for a moment.

Interstitial Spaces, Porcelain, wood, and concrete, Installation dimensions variable, 2022

GrovesJacq08 copy_edited.jpg
GrovesJacq10 copy.jpg
10Interstitial Spaces.jpg
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