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Jacq Groves’ practice explores spatial and temporal experiences of the body and investigates ways we attempt to understand the unknown. Using industrial materials, they ground unnameable, biomorphic ceramic sculptures in uncanny facsimiles of lived environments. Informed by scientific inquiry, play, and speculative fiction, their practice responds to their lived experience and aims to destabilize assumptive binaries within sexuality, gender, and disability. More broadly, Groves’ work re-envisions life for those who defy reductive categorization.

Jacq Groves is an artist, researcher, and educator currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work foregrounds sculptures and installations exploring queer ecology as well as spatial and temporal experiences of the body. In addition to graduating in May ('22) from Columbia University’s visual arts MFA program, they were the recent recipient of the Joan R. Sovern Sculpture Award and of a Dean's Project Grant. Previously they’ve shown at The Jewish Museum in New York, Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University, Edgewood Gallery at Yale University, and The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. When not in the studio, they are avidly foraging mushrooms.

Photo by Yekaterina Gyadu 



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