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My sculptural practice explores spatial and temporal experiences of the body and investigates semiotic theories and alternative forms of knowledge production. Using traditional and industrial building materials, I ground truncated, abstract bodily forms in awkward and, at times, absurd facsimiles of our lived environment. Intrigued by the perceptual shift that accompanies the uncanny, I aim to rethink what it means to have a body and question how it interacts with the environment around us. Informed by scientific inquiry, play, and speculative fiction, my practice responds to my lived experience and aims to destabilize assumptive and limiting binaries within sexuality, gender, and disability.


Jacq Groves is an interdisciplinary artist based in Ridgewood, New York. Their project-based practice explores relationships between urban and natural ecological structures and complex bodily systems. Their work has been shown in New York-based exhibitions at Essex Flowers, Half Gallery, The Jewish Museum, The Wallach Art Gallery, ChaShaMa, and the NARS Foundation. They have participated in residencies at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT) and NARS Foundation (Brooklyn, NY). Groves is currently the Foundations Fellow in Arts + Sciences at Pratt Institute. They received a BA from Grinnell College and an MFA from Columbia University.

Photo by Yekaterina Gyadu 



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