What does it mean to have a body? How does a body interact within space and within personal geography? Why do we fight the inevitable decay of the bodies we inhabit? These are the queries of my artistic practice.

My work is centered on queer feminism and the biological sciences. As a genderqueer, interdisciplinary artist, my current practice investigates disembodiment, spatial experiences, and the body’s inevitable decay. I embrace the subversive, exploring the juxtaposition of the sensual and the grotesque. Through a material exploration of abstract wood assemblages and disjointed forms, I attempt to resolve the friction of embodied entropy, of living in a body that experiences discomfort and disconnection.

Although always a practicing artist, I worked in biomedical research for five years after graduating from Grinnell College with dual degrees in fine art and biology. The methods of experimentation and research I acquired from this training fuel my artistic process.

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